Can we bring hope to a family in their time of need? Can we provide the care that will give her the healthiest future possible? Can we find a cure for his disease and not just treat the symptoms?

Until we can say yes to every child and family, our work is far from done.

It Starts With Yes: The Campaign for Seattle Children’s is a bold initiative – $1 billion bold – to partner with our community and deliver on our shared vision to transform children’s health for generations to come.

We said YES!!


We say YES so that every family can be a healthy family.


As a mother and a teacher, I have always had a heart for kids. I said YES to  Seattle Children's because I want to help make a difference in a child's life.


I said YES because my parents instilled in me at a young age that it's important to give back.  So I am giving back to Seattle Children's to thank them for taking such good care of our daughter, Natalie.


I am saying  YES because I have always grown up knowing to help others.  I became a very young member of the guild when it just started. I love being a part of something and this was it at the time.  I am so honored to be able to serve in this light, helping all children and families that are in need. 


I say YES for my one-year-old son, born with a 1 in 40,000 chance 

bone condition and recurring patient of Seattle Children’s Orthopedics Department. We are humbled that he is in the very best of hands 

and will be for years to come. May every child from our neck of the 

woods overcome injuries and adapt to any limitations so that all 

can enjoy an active and fulfilling childhood.


We said YES to Children’s Hospital as a thank you for saving our 

daughter's vision after a traumatic injury to one of her eyes.


I said YES because it's important to me that children can get medical care,  regardless of their ability to pay. I've been extremely lucky that my kids and  grand-kids (up to now) have not had major medical issues.  


I said YES because my mom and I started volunteering at the same time at Seattle Children’s and joined a guild together. Since I couldn’t attend their meetings during the day, a group of friends and I decided to form Eastside Friends for Children’s Guild in 2001. My son Burke was a patient at Seattle Children’s at 6 weeks of age, less than a year after we started the Guild. I’m thankful for the care he received at Seattle Children’s. 


I'm saying YES because our children are our future and they 

ALL deserve care at any cost.


I said YES because from a young age I was taught that giving back 

and being of  service to others is true happiness. I am so honored to be 

a part this guild and  to help make a difference in the lives of these 

children and their families.