About Us

2018-2019 Active Members

President:  Patti Byers

Treasurer:  Kim Morneau

Secretary/Membership Chair:  Maria Mallory

Event Chair:  Robin Hansen

Social Media Chair:  Amelia Havanec

  Signe Beck, Jennifer Coop, Monica Flory, Jane Graham, Carolyn Howland, Sue Martin, Whitney Nakajima, Elisha Nelson, Rose Petersen, Kathy Smithers, Chalene Thompson, Gretchen Young, Lisa Zahnle        


How We're Helping

Eastside Friends for Children's Guild was established in 2001 and has raised over $600,000 for Seattle Children's Hospital.  Eastside Friends is one of many guilds that supports Seattle Children’s Hospital and the uncompensated care program.  Thanks to uncompensated care, every child receives top-notch care, regardless of the family’s ability to pay.   

Join Our Guild

New members are always welcome to join Eastside Friends for Children's. Our guild is looking for people who are passionate about Seattle Children's Hospital and have a desire to help those in need.   

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